The Blue Train

The Blue Train can best be described as South Africa’s most famous five-star hotel on wheels. With a main route that covers a 27-hour 1600-kilometer stretch of the country between Pretoria and Cape Town, Blue Train travellers enjoy first-class accommodations all the while leisurely taking in the best scenery South Africa has to offer.

The origins of the Blue Train date back to the Roaring 20s when the Union Limited and Union Express trains traveled back and forth from Johannesburg and Cape Town. The 1930s saw the introduction of luxury style features, such as air-conditioned carriages and a full dining saloon. Once the carriages were painted blue in 1937 the name stuck and the Blue Train has been transporting customers in style ever since.

Today’s Blue Train has continued its reputation of excellence with updating its carriages with the most modern features. The train has both Luxury and De Luxe suites with varying amenities but the same top-notch service.

There are 17 De Luxe Suites available in total, nine on train set one and eight on the alternative train that includes a conference car. De Luxe suites include the option of a double bed or two twin beds and a bathroom with a sink, bathtub and handheld shower. Television and radio options are available in every coach, as is your 24-hour butler ready to serve you at a moment’s notice.

Luxury suites are a bit larger by around a metre. Luxury suites also include the option of a double bed or two twin beds. Once you get out of your soaking bath, you’ll love stepping walking on the heated flooring. All luxury suites also offer even more choice for radio and movie entertainment with a huge selection of music, CDs, and big-screen movies on DVD.

During the day you can enjoy the Blue Train’s finest lounges decked out with couches, fresh flowers, and the finest South African art. Mix and mingle with other travellers as you enjoy your gourmet meals, and pop in to one of the Blue Train’s boutiques as well. Everything on the Blue Train, save Caviar, French champagne and outside telephone calls are included in the all-inclusive rate. This means that food, butler service, and other amenities are all covered.

The Blue Train has two primary routes, the main route being between Pretoria and Cape Town, where travellers will get to see some of the most beautiful scenery the continent of Africa has to offer. The second route covers the same distance, but with a stopover and special trek into Kimberley. Travellers that choose this route will get to spend some time in this historic diamond-mining town.

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